Sharps Farmhouse

I've been in love with this farmhouse since I was little.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring's In the Air

The sun is out,
 the last few days have been a bit warmer,
  the first crocus is popping it's head out of the ground ...
Spring is in the air!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Unexpected Delivery

I received an unexpected sweet treat today, chocolate covered strawberries and apple slices that were absolutely delicious!

What made them even sweeter was that they were a gift from one of my students, a big thank you for a small way that I could help.

This kind gesture made my day, brought a tear to my eye and reminded me why I love what I do.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Room

After months of replacing plaster ceilings (what a huge mess!), refinishing hardwood floors and painting painting and more painting, we've finally finished one of the guest rooms. 

This room is one of the brightest in the house because of how much sunlight it gets. We tried to keep the light fresh feeling by using lots of white.

Almost feels like you could be at the beach, a nice thought after looking out the window and seeing over a foot of snow on the ground!
The over sized chair is tucked in the corner of the room. It's slip-covered in a white canvas.
We decided to keep the paneling in this room (along with many other rooms in the house) and painted it bright white.
Two of the pillows are linen, one with white embroidered knots and on the other pillow I sewed a real starfish.

The dresser and bed in this room were both flea market finds. Both white with chips and dings (some made by me over time), they help the room to feel cozy and not fussy. On the dresser is a collection of bottles with shell stoppers, a vintage white pitcher and a memo board made of jute and shells.
The cast iron mermaid doorstop help to keep the door propped open.

New Story for an Old Book

A few months back, when the weather was a bit warmer and thoughts of snow were in the distant future, we were spending lots of time going through my parent's attic looking at all of our old baby things.
When we reached the back corner of the attic, we found neatly tucked into a small nook, some of our children's books, old favorites like Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.
When we brought them down, excited to share them with the next generation (our little one) we realized that some of the pages had been colored (by our little hands) and many pages were missing.

Enough, that the stories wouldn't be complete.

So Mom gave the little, old books a new story.

Paper wreath made from our childhood story books.

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