Sharps Farmhouse

I've been in love with this farmhouse since I was little.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sharps Farm was Featured ...

Thanks so much....

to my new blogging friend Sherry!
She was kind enough to feature my home on her lovely and very popular blog No Minimalist Here!
I'm always in awe and inspired by Sherry's home and the beautiful homes she features during her open house and am thrilled and honored to be amongst them.
If you get a chance please visit Sherry at No Minimalist Here and enjoy her beautiful blog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dining Room After

Dining Room After

A while back I had posted pictures of our dining room before we replaced the plaster ceiling, refinished the hardwood floors and repainted the room. Not too many changes took place and I was most happy with a fresh coat of paint! The furniture went back in months ago, so here's a little bit of the after.

Spring Break

While off for Spring break and getting some spring cleaning done, I looked around the house and thought
"We need some fresh flowers in here!"
 With the baby napping, I wasn't leaving the house and having already exhausted my daffodil and tulip supply a couple of weeks ago and nothing new springing up yet, I wasn't going to get the flowers that I wanted.
Then I spotted the dogwood tree from the window.
 The buds are just starting to open and I loved the green color with the hint of pink. I took my shears and quickly cut a few small branches and put them everywhere.  

It was just what the house needed!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcoming Home Baby

Recently I was going through some pictures gathering them for Christopher's baby book and came across some from when we first brought him home.
Welcoming home baby was so special, our little guy had finally arrived and now he was home! The whole family was eagerly awaiting our arrival and had decorated the house in blue, blue and more blue for our new baby boy.

Because our little guy was a bit ahead of schedule and the nursey was a bit behind schedule, my mom turned a small nook of our dining room into the baby's space with a vintage baby's dresser filled with some of his tiny little things. This worked out better than expected, after a C-section less time navigating the stairs the better.

The drawers were left open to reveal all the surprises waiting inside...blankets, bibs, tiny clothes and more.

The chest was toppped with the stacking blocks, made by my parents, that were originally used as the centerpieces for my baby shower.

The blue, wooden elephant was a gift from my mom's life-long friend Christine.
Christine's mom was a collector of elephants, only those with their trunks pointing up, as it symbolizes luck and good fortune.
The little elephant reminds me of Christine's mom Joan and many treasured childhood memories.

One of the most special things waiting for us when we arrived home was this cradle. It was the same cradle that my parents had used for the four of us when were babies!

...and here's my little one fast asleep in the cradle.

It's hard to believe that the past 8 months have passed so quickly and this small, sleeping baby is so quickly becoming a little boy.

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