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Thursday, March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

This Saturday is our local St. Patty's Day parade.
Due to a change in venue, this year's parade will now run down one of the main streets in town. An exciting change because my brother Drew and sister-in-law Jenna live on that street, so we will have prime seating with a post-parade party at their house to follow.

The street is one of my favorites with lots charming old houses, each one very different then the next. Their house is approximately 100 years old. They spent their first year there doing tons of work including a complete gut job of the kitchen.
 Maybe with a bit of persuasion I'll be able to snap and then post some pictures of their house from parade day.

We've been getting in the spirit here at home too, especially to celebrate my two Irish lads!

Our Living room mantel got the green treatment.
Erin Go Bragh - "Ireland Forever"

I pulled out every book we had with a green binding, there were four :)
Potted shamrocks also known an Oxalis.

In the center of the mantel are two green, jade handled calligraphy brushes.

On either side of the mantel are vintage wooden weights.

Wooden shamrocks decorate the french doors to the living room.

Wishing everyone an early
 Happy St. Patty's Day!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I had a great surprise when I checked my email today. Rebeca from the fabulous Walnut and Vine was gracious enough to award me with the Stylish Blogger Award!

I'm very honored that when deciding who to give this to, that she would think of me. Thank you so much Rebeca!

Now I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself that you might
not know.

Here goes....

1. I have curly brown hair (that I have been straightening for the past handful of years on most days). My sister is blond with straight hair. Legend has it that my maternal grandmother was born with blond, straight hair and when she was about 5 years old she had scarlet fever, after that her hair grew in... it was dark and curly.

    2. My middle name is Christina and my husband's middle name is Christopher. When we named our little guy, we thought the perfect name would be Christopher. A little part of each of us because he's a part of us. His middle name is James after my Dad.

 3. I adore old houses, decorating, shopping, flea markets and home magazines and now blogs. I enjoy the hunt as much as I do the find. I'll find any excuse to do any of the above. I've even got the baby being a most pleasant companion while shopping.

    4.  Although I love the above, I have made my career in teaching. I'm an elementary physical education teacher, teaching pre-schoolers through to the third grade. I love children and when I was young and we were playing "school" I always had to be the teacher. It was a natural

    5.  I'm living now on the same street I grew up on. My parents are still in their home and because the street is long, they are about a half a mile away. It takes approximately 2 minutes to get there, but there are times when that even seems too long.
 My sister just bought the house 2 doors down from me! The 3 of us are living on the same street. Now if we could just work on my 2 brothers.

    6. I don't like to fly, I'm nervous the whole time, but I do because how else can you see anything in the world. The longest trip I ever made was to Hawaii to see my brother that's a Marine. A trip I made with just my Mom. We greeted his plane as he arrived home from Iraq. It was worth every second spent on that plane (times a thousand) to see him home safe and sound.

My husband is worse than I am which is not comforting. Our honeymoon flight home...some turbulance, a storm, last row in the plane and the two of us. These things don't go well together :)

7. I have loved this house since I was little. I dreamed of what the people inside were like and did they love the house like I had from afar. Now I live in this house and yes the people inside love it as much as I imagined they would.

I'm adding one last thing... a #8 ...I'm amazed every day how many wonderfully talented women there are out there. There are so many blogs that I have enjoyed reading. The creativity and talent is boundless!
Warmest wishes to all my fellow bloggers,

Next, I am supposed to pass the award forward to 7 new blogs I have found and love to follow and link to them. I promise you, they are worth going to visit! They are all wonderful, inspiring, and lots of fun! 

Please visit:
Chandra @  My Southern Life
Patience @ White Lacquer

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