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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dining Room Before

Over the past year we have been doing a lot of renovations to our 250+ year farmhouse. We replaced old, cracking plaster ceilings, updated some of the electrical stuff, added lots of crown moulding and wainscoting and had our hardwood floors refinished. We also built a nursery in a room that previously had no closets, but did have the charm of a fireplace. We added built-ins to that room, so all the little baby things could be tucked away. I'm going to be posting some of the befores and afters of the rooms starting with the dining room.

Dining Room

Here you can see some of the drywall going up to cover the popcorn ceiling that the previous homeowners had used to cover some of the cracking plaster.

I'm thrilled to be having the ceilings and hardwood  floors done in the dining room. This room gets great light during the day and with a fresh coat of paint its going to look warm, cozy and bright.

The fireplace is a stacked stone and was originally shades of red and gray. we painted it white years earlier to tie it into the rest of the room. We are still debating whether we'd like to cover it completely with a wood surround and a new mantle.
Notice the two tiny doors to the right of the fireplace, just one of the many little hidden nooks that this house has.

We decided to keep the wood paneling in this room for the character it adds to the walls of the room.

Previously a ceiling fan was in this room, but we are changing it out for a chandelier. I'm still looking for "the one", but I have my eye on this one from Restoration Hardware.

Ceiling and floor are done and everything has a fresh coat of ultra-bright white semi-gloss paint.

Excited to start moving the furniture back in but we have to wait 10 days before rugs can go down.

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