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Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Eve Living Room - Daytime

This year we are hosting a New Year's Eve party, so each of the rooms in our home are getting in the spirit with touches to ring in 2011.
The living room tree is decorated with muted metallic and glitter balls along with paper music ball and snowflake ornaments. The paper Happy Holiday garland runs through the tree.

I modified some of the paper music snowflake ornaments by adding small paper clocks, about to strike midnight, in the centers.

The mantle is adorned with vintage clocks collected for the past few months from flea markets and thrift stores. The large clock, new, on the fireplace was a lucky find last week and replaced a mirror that usually hangs in its place.

Mixed amongst the clocks are silver bottle brush trees and a collection of small books that have faded to a silvery grey, also a flea market find.

A pair of cast iron Santa's are used as door stops at the entrance of the room.

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